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About this site

This aim of this site is for it to become a one-stop-shop for information regarding all internet connected devices, the problems that they can cause and the solutions to the problems.

The best thing you can do is to contribute any information that you have to help build up this free internet service and also let parents know about this site in the hope that they will use it to become aware of some of these problems and learn how to restrict and control use.

Back around 23 years ago the author of this site was Nokia’s most Senior Wireless Solutions Consultant for Europe, Middle East and Asia. I was in small part helpful in creating the mobile internet and produced the first ever web based interactive graphical mobile web based proof-of-concepts. Since then I have seen the mobile Internet use and functionality sky rocket. This does not surprise me but what does is that many parents do not restrict or control their children access to the Internet and that they are completely unaware of what their children are up to or aware of the impact it can have on them mentally and physically.

I once asked a young teenager who regularly played Call of Duty online with a headset if he knew what he was playing and the language that he was hearing on the headset was wrong and he said “Yes, of course I know it’s wrong, but nobody gives a crap!”. I think its time parents became aware of what many children are up up to on their devices and also for how long.

The best thing you can do is send us information and let people know about the site but if you are able to then a small donation would go along way helping us keep this site live and growing.